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Our specialty practice areas span from Banking & Lending to Commercial Trucking Litigation. Read more below about how we meet the needs of our clients.

Banking & Lending

Specialists in Banking & Lending, we serve as trusted counsel for banks throughout the Southeast, facilitating a myriad of financial transactions that drive regional economic growth. Our extensive expertise spans Construction Loans, Revolving Lines of Credit, SBA Loans, Real Estate Financing, Municipal Bonds, and Asset-based Lending. With decades in the field, we've secured billions in capital and guaranteed smooth, successful transactions for a diverse range of clients.

Our civil litigation practice is more than just a legal service; it's an investment in the community we proudly serve. We handle each case with a deep understanding of its impact not only on our clients but also on the broader East Tennessee community. From resolving contract disputes to addressing property disagreements, our approach is always tailored, personal, and driven by a commitment to achieve the best outcomes. We stand not only as legal experts but as community members dedicated to upholding the rights and interests of our neighbors. With us, you're not just a client; you're a part of the community we diligently serve and protect.

Commercial Trucking Litigation

Our commercial trucking litigation practice combines in-depth legal expertise with a profound understanding of the personal impacts these cases entail. We delve into the complexities of trucking regulations and industry-specific challenges, committed to securing justice and significant compensation for victims of trucking incidents. Our team approaches each case with empathy and meticulous attention to detail, recognizing the severe consequences, from injuries to loss of life. We're not just advocates in the courtroom; we're allies in our clients' journeys toward healing and justice. By championing their causes, we also contribute to enhancing road safety standards, reflecting our deep commitment to the wellbeing of the East Tennessee community.

Creditor & Bankruptcy

In the often tumultuous landscape of financial distress, you need a legal guide who can navigate both bankruptcy codes and creditor rights with finesse. At Hagood Moody Hodge, PLC, our specialized team brings years of experience in crafting strategies that offer not just legal relief but financial resurgence. Whether you're an individual facing bankruptcy or a creditor safeguarding investments, we tailor our solutions to secure your financial future.

At Hagood Moody Hodge, PLC, our criminal defense practice is characterized by its strategic effectiveness and dedicated client advocacy. We recognize the challenges and stakes of facing criminal charges. Our attorneys, experienced in the subtleties of criminal law, are committed to providing robust defense strategies tailored to each unique case. We navigate the complexities of the legal system with precision, ensuring your rights are vigorously defended. From the initial consultation to the courtroom, we stand as unwavering allies, upholding your interests with the skill and respect that define our firm's ethos.

In the emotionally charged realm of probate law, Hagood Moody Hodge PLC stands as a bastion of both sensitivity and expertise. We guide families through the complexities of asset distribution, will disputes, and estate closures with a judicious blend of compassion and legal acumen. Our focus is not just on honoring the wishes of the deceased but also on minimizing familial discord, ensuring a smooth and respectful transition of assets.

Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

When it comes to safeguarding your family's legacy, you need more than just expertise—you need trust and sensitivity. At HMH PLC, we combine all three to navigate the intricacies of estate planning. Specializing in wills, trusts, and comprehensive estate strategies, our seasoned team ensures your assets are not just allocated but cherished, providing peace of mind for generations to come.

In the wake of tragic loss, the quest for justice is not just a legal matter—it's a human one. At HMH PLC, we bring a relentless vigilance to our wrongful death practice, dedicating ourselves to honoring the lives lost and securing deserved compensation for affected families. Our legal strategies are tailored to each unique case, ensuring that families don't just receive financial relief but also a sense of justice and closure.

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